ShaVon Savage
Founder and Managing Member

As Mosaic's Founder and Managing Member, ShaVon focuses on content development, facilitation and program impact.  She works closely with the Mosaic team to refine Mosaic's coursework, support and develop Mosaic's coaches, and help school teams through discreet implementation coaching and consulting projects.  ShaVon has extensive knowledge in school management and has served as a district, charter and school level leader, as well as an education attorney.

Our Why

ShaVon's most informative career experience was as an education attorney.  She became acutely aware of the knowledge gaps in well-intentioned and seasoned school leaders.  Operational and management inefficiencies, as well as allegations of impropriety, inappropriateness, and failure to maintain the necessary outcomes for student success negatively affect school leader retention, especially in smaller schools lead by diverse school leaders.  


ShaVon has been a teacher, school improvement coordinator, education attorney, principal, and district level administrator.  She has worked in charter, public, and partnership schools.  She knows and understands how school management systems fit together to support the smooth operation of a successful school.  She's spent a career collecting the skill sets and building the network necessary to do this work. If school leaders are appropriately supported, they will be able to focus on supporting teachers, and all students will benefit. 


ShaVon is available for speaking engagements and facilitation of professional learning experiences, scoped for your school's context and needs.