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School Teacher

Operations enables instruction.

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Mosaic School Supports

Schools are complex organizations.  The best School Leaders manage resources, create community, embrace continuous improvement, and focus on student and adult learning. However, focused development in the operational aspects of school management are often absent from school leader preparation and certification programs. 

In the Classroom

Mosaic teaches Charter CEOs, School Principals, and Heads of Schools how to operationalize policies and create the operations systems necessary to run a school so the focus can shift to instruction.


Mosaic evolves people and organizations to achieve operational excellence that supports a fierce focus on student achievement. 



The Mosaic Solution

Education Coursework

In our four Core Programs, School Leaders learn new content through a cohort coursework model and use high-quality templates to customize their school-specific deliverables, all through a lens of equity and inclusiveness.

Education Coaching

School Leaders can work with coaches in a rapid-cycle process to produce deliverables and implement systems.

Education Consulting

For School Leaders who want support implementing their school-specific deliverables during the summer months or a full overhaul of their operational systems, we offer implementation project scoping and consulting.

"Everything we do is in service of our children, including opening safe, clean, operationally efficient, well run buildings."

ShaVon Savage, Founder