The Process

Mosaic will work with you to determine what you and your school leadership team needs.  We offer both synchronous and asynchronous coursework focused on operations.  We can also pair you with an operations-focused coach to support your learning and the creation of school-specific operations systems.  Mosaic offers discreet consulting support focused on operations and leadership development as well.


Mosaic offers 4 Core Programs:

  • Operations

  • Human Resource and Talent Management

  • Financial Sustainability

  • Instructional Supports

Each Core Program has 8 discreet modules that speak to the topic covered by the program.​


If you choose to take just 1 module, you can do so asynchronously, meaning you'll be given access to Mosaic's Learning Management System (the Mosaic LMS) and will be able to participate in your chosen module as you see fit within 1 month of your purchase.


If you choose to take a full Core Program, you'll participate synchronously with one of Mosaic's instructors and a cohort of school leaders.  Our Core Programs are offered each Fall (beginning in September and ending in December) and each Spring (beginning in January and ending in April).  Your cohort will meet 8 times and you will recieve feedback from your instructor regularly, all through the Mosaic LMS.


If you'd like even more intensive support, you can bundle your Core Program with executive coaching from one of Mosaic's operations-focused coaches.  Mosaic will work with you to match the perfect coach from our network of coaches.

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To determine which Module or Core Program best fits your needs and whether coaching or consulting are right for your school and your team, Mosaic will provide you with a diagnostic needs assessment, the Mosaic Diagnostic.  You will recieve our suggestions for Modules and/or Programs that best fit your needs, as well as suggestions for coaching on consulting, all based upon the results of your Mosaic Diagnostic.